The importance of the activity of the plumber to the health of the world's populationThe World plumbing Council (WPC), body of international level, of which CONAIF is part on behalf of the majority of the companiesĀ Spanish installers, believes it important to raise awareness in general about the role that the plumbing has currently in the care of public health, the environment, and land.

The public image of the plumber on occasion is not entirely positive, coming to link this professional to work somewhat bounded by the profession, as unclogging the sink or fix the losses of water, etc. An image that is far from an abyss of reality.

Plumbers, formed with a plumbing course, carried out a difficult and indeed transcendental, function through complete procedures of installation and maintenance of systems, properly made and always by professionals, are essential to ensure the protection of public health. Inappropriate inappropriate systems of water supply in buildings and sanitation networks can cause major health problems.

In a world such as this, in which climate change is a concern emerging, plumbing function becomes a key piece for the care of water, its use and reuse, and for the installation and maintenance of equipment using renewable energy sources.

In developing States, the plumbing is very restricted and even non-existent. The absence of activity and of professionals who carry it out represents a decisive factor in the tragic statistics showing that a high percentage of the world’s population does not have access to drinking water and efficient health systems. According to estimated by theĀ World Health Organization (who) more than 3 million children under five die each year from diseases associated with the dismal quality of water; a surprising fact that attaches importance to systems and plumbing repairs, and its correct maintenance and installation.

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