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The trend of green buildings seems to be more popular in the world wide. These green buildings are regarded to friendly environment and can help to save the earth from global warming. Due to those reasons, many constructors are competing to build green buildings. To establish the buildings, it needs the concept and design in order that it creates the best green building. Actually, the green building design is simple but it is so useful. To make the green building, it needs to exploit all parts in the building. Building a building with using roof as a garden is the green building design that can be implemented. People can make a small garden on the roof when they want to apply eco green to the building. The garden is not always having so many types of plants but it should maximize the function to produce the natural energy from plants and trees.

Another green building design is exploiting the part of terrace to be a garden. The people can put some decorative plant or flower pots in the terrace. The important thing is making the building look shady and green with the small garden. When we want to build a green building, we can make the wall by exploiting bamboos. The bamboo can decrease the consumption of air conditioner because the circulation of the air runs very well so that we will not feel hot anymore. This green building design can be applied in the countryside or urban. In addition to be healthy, it also looks unique and nice. Making a minimalist and useful house is the next design. The minimalist house definitely does not have more spaces and rooms so that it can save lots of energy used in the house. The minimalist house is better to complete good water plumbing system and a green garden to help the oxygen production.

Having an eco green house seems to be the alternative choice to contribute in saving the earth. The eco green house may look very simple and it does not look really good. However, its contribution is so big to the environment and earth. It can save the energy used and help the process of oxygen production. The energy used here means the energy is used during staying in the house. It can be electric energy from the lights, air conditioner, television and many more. Electric, power& energy supply for green building and house are usually relatively same. It uses lights and lamps as the power and energy supply. The lights and lamps that are used are usually saving lots of energy. We can change LED lights with saving LED lights or light only. It is also helped the role of green garden that can produce energy to save the energy used in the house.

Though a green building still exploits light energy to light the house and electric supply to turn on some electric equipment, the consumption of electric, power& energy supply for green building is usually saving much more energy. The consumption of the energy is not a high level that is same as the usual home concept to the house. Saving energy is the main feature of green building. Although it is still using some kinds of electric, power& energy supply for green building, the energy used can be decreased and minimized by control of energy from the garden. The garden produces lots of energy that can be used to reduce our energy consumption, for example, air conditioner. We do not need air conditioner and electric supply anymore if there is energy from nature. The energy supply of green building is designed to spend limited energy both electric and power supply. It is because the green building will not spend much energy so that there is limited energy supply to the building. The sunlight energy can be changed into electric energy with helping polar panel so that it can be the alternative energy to replace electric energy.

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