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Replacing A Fan Oven Element

If your oven is no longer heating up then it is likely to be the element of your fan oven. Having the element replaced professionally or completely replacing the oven can prove a very costly affair so completing the repairs yourself can save you a decent amount of money. You should ensure that you follow good instructions and that you use decent quality parts to get the best results though.

Removing The Oven

If your fan oven is built in then you can remove it from the unit first. There will usually be a couple of screws on either side of the oven frame. Unscrew these and simply slide the oven out. This will enable you to gain full access to the back of the oven. However, replacing the element does not necessarily dictate that you have to remove a built in oven because the majority if not all of the work can be done from inside the oven.

Removing The Door, Back Plate, And Element

To remove the door, pull back the hinge clips and close the oven door. The door wonít close but will come away from the oven itself. Remove the shelves so that you can gain access to the back plate. Remove the screws from the back plate. Behind the back plate you can see the element, secured in place typically by three screws. Undo the screws and the element will come away from the cooker.

Wiring Positions

Make a note of the wiring position, which you can do with a pen and paper or simply by taking a photograph. There will usually only be a small handful of wires but it will be better if you make a note rather than trying to remember the positions accurately. Once this is done you can remove the element. Replace the element with a new one before reversing the process to put everything back together.

Wiring Notes

Try to keep hold of the wires at this point and leave them dangling inside the oven. If you fail to do this then you will need to retrieve them from the back of the oven. If you have not removed the oven from its unit then you will need to do so to go after the wires.

Choosing Elements

You should use a genuine and good quality element because this will help ensure longevity. Although the element and housing will not break easily you should take care when handling them because you donít want to have to replace a brand new element because you dropped and broke it.

Putting It Back Together

Reconnect the wires, push the element into the housing, refit the screws, and replace the back plate. Put the shelves back into place and put the clips back on the door before closing the door. If you removed your cooker from a unit then you will also need to replace the cooker and refit the screws holding it in place.

Replacing A Fan Oven Element

Replacing your own fan oven element can save considerable money when compared to paying for repairs and certainly when compared to buying a brand new oven.

If reading this has inspired you to repair your oven then why not order the parts and give your oven the upgrade it deserves. Head on over to the Ransom Spares site and you’ll soon be cooking on gas again. For more help diagnosing your element problems check out this page at Ransom.

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