Hard wood is definitely an appealing and long-lasting floor addressing, however over time every day wear may cause it to shed it’s sparkle. Replacing the flooring is time consuming, expensive and generally unnecessary. Instead, get rid of the lacklustre look and bring back the sparkle by refinishing your hardwood flooring.

Obvious Up!

Before you begin, obvious the floor of everything, such as furniture and area rugs. Refinishing only the visible parts of the floor may depart boring areas that’ll be easy to see if you decide to arrange things later on. Also remove any nails that may be protruding of the flooring.

A Time to Sand

Fit a floor sander with a correctly size item of sandpaper. Sand the whole floor, working with the feed of the wood flooring and not against it. Review the floor along with 36-grit sandpaper first and progressively move up to Sixty, 80, after that 100-grit paper. This is required to achieve the easiest look. Keep in mind to keep the sander shifting constantly.


Sweep the floor well to eliminate the largest pieces of grit following sanding is actually total. Follow this with a comprehensive vacuum-cleaning. Use the vacuum cleaner cleaner’s crevice attachment to eliminate resolution from the edges and edges of the floor.


Next, it’s the perfect time to spot the floor. Before applying the stain it makes sense to test a small, off traffic area to be sure that the color is what you want. Allow it to dried out for about five minutes before proceeding, as colours occasionally alter slightly as soon as dried out.

Apply the stain along with the feed of the wooden to make sure that you get a smooth, natural look as soon as the floor cures. For a heavy, rich shade apply the stain with a roller. If you would choose a lighter stain, make use of rags to make the application. Once the floor cures totally you can go over this a second time or even re-apply the stain just to blotchy areas.


Once the spot offers dried out, it’s the perfect time to utilize a memory complete. Make use of a paint stick to mix the finish carefully, but avoid energetic combining because this might lead to unappealing air pockets. You should use either a roller or even clean to make the application.

Wait until the complete is dried out to the touch before applying the second layer. This particular requires regarding three or even four hrs, but is worth the wait around to avoid represents left behind through your shoes. Apply the second coat in the same manner that you utilized the first. Wait around through three to four days before moving furniture back in to the room because changing things too rapidly can lead to ugly scratches.

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