Most homeowners like to accent their home with decor that matches their personality and already existing style. For people who love a more rustic and natural look, animal skin rugs can add that perfect splash of personality to an otherwise drab room. Cowhide, sheepskin, and reindeer hide rugs bring a specific charm to a house no matter where you choose to put it. There are a few things to consider when choosing your favorite kind of animal skin rug though.

cows_rugLots of people want to keep their home carpet-free due to allergens and the ability of carpet to hold germs and other nasty things over time. A cowhide rug is ideal for homes with wooden or laminate flooring because of its beautiful color patterns and its ability to keep clean in high traffic areas. Cowhide rugs are also very hypoallergenic and easy to clean if something happens to get spilled on them. Pets will love to lie on them during cold weather, and they can also keep your feet nice and toasty. Pets and children will not wear these durable rugs down by walking on them, either!

A sheepskin rug is another wonderful type of animal rug to consider when decorating your home for both necessity and appearance purposes. Pets and children will love the texture and warmth of the sheepskin no matter where you choose to use it. These thick rugs are great for placing under dining tables and coffee tables to keep feet warm and lessen the likelihood of slipping, while at the same time providing a great, soft place for your little darlings to play or read. Draping sheepskins over your couch can also add an extra beautiful touch to any room. Sheepskin is clean, water resistant, and it won’t come apart like lots of synthetic materials.

A favorite among natural decorators is the reindeer rug. These are extremely easy to use, are 100% natural and only require a little shake to rid them of debris and dirt. Reindeer hide matches just about any color, so no room will look awkward or unmatched with one. As with all animal rugs, reindeer rugs come in different sizes, so a larger one might be great for the living room area while a smaller one will do much better with a library or study area. Lots of decorators recommend a reindeer hide for underneath a bed so that the floor will stay warmer in the winter.

There are lots of types of animal print rugs that are versatile and add to every room in the house. Choose one and you are sure to get compliments constantly on them. You can bring your home to life naturally with a beautiful reindeer hide, sheepskin, or cowhide rug. Start looking for your favorite today and make a unique statement in your home.  For a wide selection of animal skin rugs visit City Cows website where there are a large selection of animal skin rugs available to buy online.

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