The importance of the activity of the plumber to the health of the world's populationThe World plumbing Council (WPC), body of international level, of which CONAIF is part on behalf of the majority of the companies Spanish installers, believes it important to raise awareness in general about the role that the plumbing has currently in the care of public health, the environment, and land.

The public image of the plumber on occasion is not entirely positive, coming to link this professional to work somewhat bounded by the profession, as unclogging the sink or fix the losses of water, etc. An image that is far from an abyss of reality.

Plumbers, formed with a plumbing course, carried out a difficult and indeed transcendental, function through complete procedures of installation and maintenance of systems, properly made and always by professionals, are essential to ensure the protection of public health. Inappropriate inappropriate systems of water supply in buildings and sanitation networks can cause major health problems.

In a world such as this, in which climate change is a concern emerging, plumbing function becomes a key piece for the care of water, its use and reuse, and for the installation and maintenance of equipment using renewable energy sources.

In developing States, the plumbing is very restricted and even non-existent. The absence of activity and of professionals who carry it out represents a decisive factor in the tragic statistics showing that a high percentage of the world’s population does not have access to drinking water and efficient health systems. According to estimated by the World Health Organization (who) more than 3 million children under five die each year from diseases associated with the dismal quality of water; a surprising fact that attaches importance to systems and plumbing repairs, and its correct maintenance and installation.

Between scams, work poorly done, non-skilled artisans or invoices that fly, you may quickly end up with unpleasant surprises. To avoid any disappointment, exempt you 5 tips to help you choose your plumber.


Plumber, plumber-heating specialist, plumber multi-service… The choice of your professional will depend on the type of work you want to achieve. Some plumbers may indeed have specialty sanitary installation or heating systems, while the other will specialize in renewable energy. On the other hand, some plumbers out only for troubleshooting, while others are specialized in the installation. So make sure the areas of competence of your plumber before starting any work.

Plumbing professionals are on the market, but all are not certified so far. To ensure a quality job, make sure that the professional you request holds well a diploma certifying that he is well trained specialist. If in doubt about his skills, feel free to ask your plumber to provide evidence.
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Plumbing in The Bathroom Toilet: Hot and Cold Water of Individual AppliancesWe are following the work relating to our “home construction” and about the water system to be carried out in the bathroom and information related to every single bathroom fixture.

Before you begin, premise, which we have chosen as a typical heating system with radiators enameled steel type, boiler body pond, fed by methane if in town, or GPL if in the country; the boiler is designed for the production of hot water, then there will be no need to implement any electric water heater.

The water pipes that must arrive in the bathroom are two, one coming from the boiler (located in the kitchen) and who carries the hot water, and the other from the counter door cold water.

Look at the underlying plant and you will notice that the hose that comes from the meter on the street, in blue, is started towards the kitchen to refill the boiler, but also the health equipment such as kitchen sink, washing machine, dishwasher.
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asdWhen we have a small problem of plumbing, plumbing or plumbing, we must act hastily to avoid accidents. But, sometimes, whether it is a simple repair, during a time of extreme heat or cold, or simply without specific cause, appear serious problems in installations of pipes and others, which have become threats to the integrity of our home and the inhabitants of the same.

Immediate solution to smaller problems, as if it were serious emergencies should be in plumbing. This is must a minimum obstacle can very quickly become one major, unannounced problem. If you’re skilled, give solution on your own. If you don’t have this knowledge or the appropriate tools, call the plumber quickly. Remember that these specialists are often delayed due to its large volume of pending jobs. Don’t expect to be making the problem worse, and give the solution in time.

What to do in an emergency in plumbing
Between the problems of plumbing that we can recognize in the home, we will find leaks from faucets, moisture in the walls, cabinets or in any part of the structure, water heaters, backpacks of the sanitary and other water containers, and losses to threads or dry moisture marks appearing on the floor or on the surfaces.
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A green house or building of course has some features and specifications so that it can be called as that. The green house is helpful to save the earth from global warming. How does it work? The green house is designed to overcome global warming problems with a very great system in the house. It has a green outdoor space to produce natural energy and help the trees to produce more oxygen. It also has a great water plumbing system. The system is great to flow the water in order to consume well by the people. Moreover, the plumbing system of wastewater is designed very well by the experts. The wastewater does not flow into the soil directly. However, it is intercepted by infiltration wells that are made in the area of the house. The infiltration wells are used to intercept the water to be the supply water for the people.

The water in the infiltration wells is expected to reuse again by the people so that they do not consume much water from the soil. Reusing water from infiltration wells is very well to save the amount of water used. It helps to save the earth global warming indirectly. The wastewater in the infiltration well is processed in the well with a filter system that is used specially for an eco green house. The processed wastewater becomes the feasible consumed water. The water is distributed through the plumbing of the house. We can use the water for watering, washing, and the other daily consumption. We can also optimize the function of infiltration well by planting many plants and trees surrounding the well. Those really help the process of water absorption into the well. Before setting the plumbing in the eco green house, we need to make sure that it really works well to intercept the wastewater.

Plumbing problems are a few of the most typical home problems that we might encounter. Generally, we would on-site visit a professional plumber to take care of individuals issues, but there is a simpler method. In the event that you understand the basic steps which are needed in order to fix the the majority of basic plumbing problems, after that that might be much better.

Why is it better to fix plumbing problems on your own?

1. You can save more money if you don’t have to spend a professional plumber.

2. You can fix the issue right away as it happens, since you don’t need to wait for anybody.

3. You can ensure the high quality of the fix if you is going to be the one to get it done.

These are just some of the factors why it really is advisable for you to have some understanding on how to do easy plumbing maintenance. Therefore if you would like to learn to do that, here are some basic steps which you can attempt on your personal: Read the rest of this entry »

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