Modern Kitchen Islands for Large KitchensIn new constructions as in renovation projects, the kitchen island is more and more present. In fact, it is a logical addition to a kitchen well thought since the latter increases the work surface and storage space. It also allows installation of additional appliances, not to mention that the island is often a decorative element.

All designers will tell you: the kitchen island has the coast these days. Make office dining or cooking surface, the island invariably remains a gathering point. It also allows to transform kitchens closed in more open spaces and create a Visual barrier between two pieces, like the living room and the kitchen. The island can also serve as a transition area, when it comes to dining room or where it serves the table.

The kitchen planning

When you choose to add an island to her kitchen, the first thing to do is to clearly establish the functions that you want to assign. You can choose to turn a cooking area, a lunch counter, a food preparation area, etc. Depending on the roles that you give should then check whether it is possible to incorporate the necessary equipment; as for a dishwasher, sink requires a water inlet, while a baking sheet shall be accompanied by a hood. There will also be a lighting adequate and appropriate to the utilities of your island.
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Tips to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Tile

Tiles are the perfect finish material for a maintenance-friendly kitchen. They are heat resistant, hygienic and available in any shape and color. In this article you will find out what types of kitchen tiles you can use for the floor, the splash wall and the worksheet.


When you buy kitchen tiles, you should not only consider the view but also with the properties. So do you avoid blemishes, smooth floors and tiles that are not suitable for use in the kitchen. To this easy to see, there were different standards that help you choose the appropriate kitchen tiles.


During the production process are slight differences never excluded. Therefore share their tiles on tile manufacturers in first choice and second choice depending on the strength of the drift. This can be about the colors, dimensions and thicknesses. For the spreadsheet and the splash wall you choose so best tiles from first choice so that no irregularities arise where dirt can be accumulated. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Tips For a Small Kitchen  However, we are not only a kitchen blog for large, luxury or modern trends. Who wants or needs, a small kitchen can also definitely to his. In this article we give you tips to help you have a small kitchen a Grand effect.

Small kitchens

Who reads the kitchen showrooms and kitchen tops, quickly gets the idea that a large kitchen the norm. Of course offers a large kitchen lots of space and a lot of possibilities, but practice shows that there are more small kitchens than large kitchens. Anyway you can with a small kitchen beautiful and practical result. By optimal spacing and by strategic choices to make, you get a practical kitchen that can seem even bigger than he is.
We will be pleased to help you on your way with the tips below.

Tip 1: select for a bright kitchen

Light is very important in a small space. Those who choose a bright kitchen, light. Thereby implying less small than he is. In addition, a bright kitchen also psychologically and emotionally “lighting”: a dark or black kitchen looks a lot like becomes more bombastic and fits instinctively soon less well in a small space.
Choose a bright kitchen. A white kitchen has the greatest effect.
You can of course choose a counter top with a different color or for accents in contrasting colour. You do not affect the light color of the kitchen but gives it extra character.
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downloadThis year Tim and I hope to move to a bigger house where room for an Office area, a possible extension in the future of the family and preferably a larger kitchen. Although my mini kitchenette in our current attic fine is sufficient, we notice that the area is scanty and that we are ready for something bigger. Although the next property is still no sale will be home and we so not our own cuisine to choose from, I find it a lovely something to reflect on beautiful kitchens. Brooding about what my dream kitchen now actually is and figure out what I would do with storage and furnaces (Yes, preferably plural indeed). I once gathered some inspiration by several kitchens that I like and while there somewhere though an agreement in anything to find, they are still best yet all different. And that is why I am pleased that my choice for a new kitchen (still) do not need to worry as jee … What is there much beauty!

I love white kitchens, quiet. Kitchens that are not entirely filled, where everything falls neatly behind doors and everything is as light as possible of color here and there, maybe combined with a darker color. White looks to me very spatial and although some find the probably very boring, I find it somehow very serene. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen by of course and I like like this then also can be a place where I like ben and me feel fine. Ample kitchen sink, without too many knick knacks.

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Among any parts of the house, you need to know exactly in how to apply eco friendly Kitchen concept especially in the kitchen. There are many ways to implement green interior design concept which is eco-friendly in the kitchen for your home. It can be started from the use of energy efficient oven, dishwasher and equipment. Well, there are many methods of disposal of organic waste and organic floor as well which you apply. These simple tips can help you to remodel the existing kitchen into the kitchen of environmentally friendly and sustainable ethics plan for designing the interior in the kitchen. It’s helpful to make a note of things that need to be replaced or exchanged.

Well, it is still about eco friendly Kitchen. There are several renovation or construction processes with proper planning which can save you a lot of time and money. In terms of budget, refurnishing can be done in several stages. First is the use of eco-friendly kitchen appliances. In this case, you can avoid large conventional oven toaster usage which can be replaced with a smaller electric . This helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from home. A good refrigerator can help to maintain a balance between energy consumption and temperature control. This ensures a sustainable life with lower energy consumption.

It is still about eco friendly Kitchen. As part of the interior design eco-friendly kitchen, installing energy-efficient appliances can also save on bills. What you need to pay attention here is about the kitchen ventilation settings. Kitchen with good ventilation will use lesser energy and artificial lighting during the day. It is because the fresh air coming from the window may help to eliminate toxic and mildew which can affect the quality of the kitchen actually. Well, kitchen may always become important part of the house. Therefore you need to pay attention mostly about the way you make it as environment friendly.

Britain is actually a country in the UK which has a very rich history and culture in multiple locations for hundreds of years. Whenever we think of the kitchen in Britain it might bring to mind moments of plenty of scrumptious tasting foods cooked through dear old mother and offered up to a grateful family.

Which love of culture and custom has been moved to the look and feel of the traditional kitchen design choices in Britain, as this history and culture can be seen right here, in what is known there as the heart of the home: the kitchen.

British kitchen designers will always be innovative and recognized for developing several designs for UK kitchens which other countries possess desired to copy. A few of the latest trends in kitchen design include: Read the rest of this entry »

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