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Modern Kitchen Islands for Large KitchensIn new constructions as in renovation projects, the kitchen island is more and more present. In fact, it is a logical addition to a kitchen well thought since the latter increases the work surface and storage space. It also allows installation of additional appliances, not to mention that the island is often a decorative element.

All designers will tell you: the kitchen island has the coast these days. Make office dining or cooking surface, the island invariably remains a gathering point. It also allows to transform kitchens closed in more open spaces and create a Visual barrier between two pieces, like the living room and the kitchen. The island can also serve as a transition area, when it comes to dining room or where it serves the table.

The kitchen planning

When you choose to add an island to her kitchen, the first thing to do is to clearly establish the functions that you want to assign. You can choose to turn a cooking area, a lunch counter, a food preparation area, etc. Depending on the roles that you give should then check whether it is possible to incorporate the necessary equipment; as for a dishwasher, sink requires a water inlet, while a baking sheet shall be accompanied by a hood. There will also be a lighting adequate and appropriate to the utilities of your island.
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5 Elements of A Modern Home Decoration  Decoration trends change rapidly. These five modern and inexpensive accessories are very popular when it comes time to decorate and modernize an elegant House.

1 oversized baskets
It is not the picturesque baskets with whom you grew up. Richly textured and imbued a worldly ambiance exotic, these oversized baskets are ideal for storing cushions and extra blankets, toys for children, magazines and small wood for your fireplace.

As elegant as functional, they can save you for quick storage before receiving world.

2 decorative trays
While they are there more for decoration than for their function, you can find a small collection of trays to help you stay organized.

Whether on a bar cart to carry bottles of alcohol, next to a door entry for the Organization of the mail received or placed prominently on a low table and arranged with magazines and candles, the plateau appears in every room of the House.

Even in the room or in the bathroom, a small tray for fragrance or earrings can make any surface elegant.
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HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT AIR CONDITIONING?  To purchase efficient and with criterion it is necessary to have all the information we have at our disposal. And while the air conditioning is one of the most popular appliances, it is paradoxically one of the most unknown. In this article we will try to solve the most frequent questions that are presented to the purchaser of a cooling system.

How many BTU do I need?

The first thing we need to know is how much space we want to put up. Knowing the square meters that we want to be air conditioned, and doing a very simple calculation, we will find the necessary characteristics of the system we are most interested to install in our home.

To do this, apply the following formula: 100 BTU per square meter. The BTU make reference to the power of the appliance. To calculate that we need, when we know what is the size of the room, he will only miss multiply their surface by 100. For example, for a stay of 20 square meters we need 2,000 BTU of power apparatus.

This rule has a few exceptions. For example, in dormers is required more power since the heat is higher, settling an approximate 150 BTU per square metre rule.
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Easy Flower Bed Designs

How to make beautiful flower beds to beautify the grounds on a shoestring budget, a bit of dexterity and passion for DIY: hints, tips and instructions step by step to a job to perfection and a garden always well groomed, with many spots of colour that will brighten up the lawn and make it more pleasing to the eye.

Realize your flower beds will be an easy task, and there are few “ingredients”. This idea is the one for you if you are on a budget but still want to get a good result. The only thing we require is some time will be the care necessary to create and maintain a beautiful lawn with flowers color spots scattered here and there.

Let’s start! If you have decided to save really you can plant in your flowerbed seeds instead of plants already grown, since the seeds are much cheaper. Obviously if you plant the seeds you will need to wait long enough to see the result of your work and devote great care, since they are much more delicate flowers already grown; but it will be even more satisfying to see them grow and blossom.

The first step is to figure out where to place your flower beds, as the place will determine the type of flowers that you can pitch. For example some flowers need a sunny area, others do not withstand excessive heat and therefore need to be in semi shade. We must also take into account the type of soil in which to plant flowers, to figure out which variety can withstand some ground during the winter.
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