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Individual Furniture: Key Benefits

Construction of own house or an apartment is always a lot of questions. And the main of them – how to choose the furniture? The shops are so wide range of colours and patterns, which make a clear choice.

Original furniture is furniture cheap and expensive, imported and domestic. On the one hand, this diversity – issues the customer wishes a clear plus for the buyer, bringing others – with the choice. As a result have many buyers can’t find furniture that would fit completely to their liking.

In this case to contact the company for the production of furniture custom made. Their service is so wide that the customer has the opportunity to order original furniture, or choose something from the existing catalog. The main plus – the customer can design, color, decoration, and even material to think.

Employees of the company are to fulfil all wishes of the customer. The most popular is the built-in furniture.

It is considered the most cost effective, because there isn’t much room. Also the furniture – sets making of several units, and their structures can be replaced at any time.

In summary, we can say that the furniture is made in the order of magnitude better than ready to purchase. Finally, everyone can realize his wishes, because the financial resources and the parameters of the room.

Choose the Best Flooring for Your Kitchen

Soil type we choose for our kitchens is much more important than we think. The kitchen is the most used space in the House when we receive guests, and is the second most used personal space after the bedroom. The type of flooring that you choose should be based on your presence in the kitchen. Whether you are a passionate Cook, occasional leader or a regular dishes reheated in the microwave, these factors were really a great influence in your decision making process.

The range of flooring has greatly expanded in the last decade, offering products for all tastes and all budgets. So, today on homify we’ll help you explore a range of options to choose the floor perfect for your new kitchen.

Most owners opt for a tile. There is an endless choice of tile on the market. It is so important during your research, think seriously about quality, finish and color of your flooring before you commit. For example, a red wine stain can take weeks if it was reversed on a lightly coloured surface. For example, a glossy finish is more durable, but need additional coatings of lacquer to preserve the brilliance the passing years.

With regard to the size and color, this will be determined by the size of your kitchen. In a reduced space, avoid too small and dark-colored tiles. Opt for light colours and larger tiles if you want to create a small optical illusion.

A wooden floor is often the gift always always appreciated in the old buildings. Implemented with precision and incredible attention to detail, the finished product is usually a true gem. However, if you’ve always fantasized of owning a parquet floor in your home, there are many carpenters artisans who will be able to realize your dream. Several reasons are available, you can select the one that you like best. As you can imagine, this particular type of flooring requires maintenance. You must ensure that a protective layer is laid on wood regularly in order to avoid damaging the fragile floor.

A mixture of the two
An option for your floor, as shown, is a great way if you want to introduce two different environments in your home. Cleverly, a surface more resistant and stain was applied on the kitchen floor, followed by a wooden floor that brings warmth and elegance to the whole. This is the best of both worlds for some people; You can be ensured that your beautiful floors will remain in good condition.

Wood flooring
Always elegant and timeless, a wooden floor is the dream of most people. By bringing together a wide range of styles from colonial minimalist design, you can bring a bit of novelty in your kitchen and without having to change the flooring.

As for the tiles, many colours and sizes available to you if you want a wooden floor. You can opt for a Board slightly and thin, as pictured, or alternatively, you can install more boards. The choice of wood, birch, oak or mahogany will be adapted to the size of the room. The general rule, as mentioned earlier, and stick to lighter shades if you have a small kitchen. However, if you have a big open space, dare the wildest things!

Polished concrete
Polished concrete is a very popular and trendy option. Better suited to a more contemporary and modern home, polished concrete is durable, wear-resistant and extremely respectful of the environment. In terms of thermal properties, you can be sure that your home will remain at a constant and comfortable temperature. It also allows you to save on the costs of energy and consumption as the tile is something already present in your construction. The process is straightforward, depending on the level of shine and finish you want.

Waxed concrete floor
As with the other material options and floor covered, the finish you choose (Matt, glossy, light or dark), will reflect your tastes. Just make sure that the color you choose are in harmony with the present devices in your kitchen. A dark waxed concrete floor creates a sensual and warm atmosphere compared to the light floor that looks minimalist and elegant. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different finishes!

Ideas for decorating a girls room

Girls are the darlings of the House. More home than boys, they are always attentive to the care of the House and the trends in decoration, even more when it comes to your room in which make the famous ‘Pajama’ with her friends from school. For this reason, today we bring some ideas to decorate girls room.

1. space for toys
Children have long lines of waiting to have fun toys. Not forth, girls toys are more delicate and require a consistent space so they aren’t damaged. A piece of furniture suitable for storing toys and, above all, fragile dolls that sing them is fundamental when it comes to decorating girls rooms. This will help organize your room.

2 beds for girls
When bedtime comes, your daughter might want to read him a story, so if you have enough space, it will be more comfortable to curl up beside her in a double bed. The beds are long lasting and your daughter can sleep well and extend to its wide. When you want something less conventional, there are a few original beds for girls ideals can be for your little.

3 color on the walls
Attempts to find out what the favorite colors of your daughter, maybe you can play with them or their combinations in tones that you put on the walls. Some girls have pink as preferred, but times change and others however prefer colors like blue, Orange and green that give an air of tranquility and fun environment.
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We want to remain all flexible and independent. Also people with disabilities want to retain as good as possible its autonomy is especially in the bathroom. Therefore, the apartment should be disabled planned or converted. For rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom, there are good possibilities of a handicapped.

Building a Handicapped Bathroom


Disabled bathroom: guidance
Want to convert a bathroom for disabled or expand, the so-called DIN 18025 standard provides a corresponding orientation way. The described requirements dictate, for example, exactly how much space required for a wheelchair in the sanitary rooms.

So the turning area should be at least 150 times 150 cm and the door has to offer in width at least 90 cm square. She should can be opened also to the outside so that it is not blocked in case of emergency. Sliding doors or external door fittings solve this problem in a simple way.

Shower or bath
Bathtubs and showers can be planned for disabled for your bathroom, if some things are observed. Installing a bath lift helps to enable an independent entry in the bathtub. There are those in an electric version or with the functionality of water pressure. This is a pipe connected to the water supply and the lifting and lowering of the lift allows with the lever operation of the valve.
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